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9 engaging multimedia selections to purchase and view online from the over 100 presentations given in Chicago at the Fall 2010 Midwest Regional Achievement Gap Conference.

  • An array of topics relating to achievement gap and student success
  • Learn from other experts and practitioners in the field, and discover what cutting edge programs and practices are working
  • Online at your convenience anytime, 24 hours a day

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Conference: Achievement Gap Midwest Regional Conference

Presented by: Greg Bishop, Dee Tadlock, Nicholas Wells... more
Price: $85.00

"Dare To Dream" - Phuture Phoenix Mentoring/Tutoring Model

1 part (42mins) |
Presented by: Kim Desotell, Stephanie Pabich

In this session presenters will share aspects of this innovative mentoring/tutoring program encouraging at-risk youth to graduate from high school and pursue a college education. As a recipient of the 2008 Wisconsin DPI Program of Distinction Award from the Wisconsin PK-16 Leadership Council, the program has demonstrated the ability to engage 5th-12th grade students and improve academic success.

Price: $13.00

Alumni Feedback Relations - A Forgotten Path to Improving School Performance

1 part (37mins) |
Presented by: Tammy Stephens

In this session you will learn how School Perceptions’ innovative Facebook application helps school leaders gain a better understanding of where your graduates are, what they are doing, and how effective your curriculum and programs were in preparing them with future careers, schooling and life skills. In this session, we will share how these tools can be used to continually drive educational improvement as well as maintain alumni relations.

Price: $13.00

DEPCO’s Innovative Approach To Closing The Achievement Gap By Utilizing 21st Century Skills

1 part (1hr 11mins) |
Presented by: Nicholas Wells

This presentation elaborates on the effective strategies that DEPCO, LLC has developed by partnering with educational facilities. The methods implemented in afterschool programs, alternative programs, technology labs, and workforce development facilities are discussed in order to close the achievement gap that challenges educators daily.

Price: $13.00

Discover how the Why Try program works.

1 part (1hr 20mins) |
Presented by: Christian Moore

Follow-Up to the Breakfast Keynote - The presenter will share motivational stories from his own life experiences as a youth with severe learning disabilities. He will walk the audience through the social and emotional assets that allowed him to get a masters degree and become a nationally recognized child advocate. He will explore the seeds of motivation and hope which enable children to overcome poverty, violence and failure.

Price: $13.00

Implementing the Right RTI Product

1 part (29mins) |
Presented by: Marty Suchorski

This presentation will feature how Oasys’s RtI Solutions differs from other products, and will give a general overview of what RtI is, how to develop and state goals for your District and reasons why Oasys is the right product for you. A power point with facts, quotes and statistics will be used during presentation.

Price: $13.00

Interventions: Developing Framework for Struggling Learners

1 part (1hr 10mins) |
Presented by: Greg Bishop

This session will focus on developing an effective Response to Intervention Programs in middle schools and high schools. Through the use of collaboration through Professional Learning Communities, this session will demonstrate the success of multiple types of intervention and prevention strategies to address at-risk students at any level of the Response to Intervention Pyramid.

Price: $13.00

Struggle With Reading: Could It Be We Aren’t Teaching It Right?

1 part (1hr 05mins) |
Presented by: Dee Tadlock

In spite of the US Department of Education’s diligent effort to improve student performance in reading over the past decade, the 2009 NAEP results reveal a continuation of a 30-year trend of flat scores in reading. The potential to find a successful reading intervention capable of preparing our population with the basic skills needed for academic success seems to be remote. However, there exists a little-known, highly effective reading intervention program based on a constructivist model that is bold and truly innovative.

Price: $13.00

Transforming Curricular Pedagogy by Using 21st Century Skills

1 part (1hr 08mins) |
Presented by: Dena Budrecki, Carry Dassow

This session will emphasize best practices for increasing knowledge and understanding of how digital literacy can influence classroom practices. Teachers will be challenged to improve their instructional pedagogy with the integration of new technologies such as: Web 2.0, I-touches, iPods, cell phones and other tools that can be used to enhance student learning.

Price: $13.00

Why Try? Overcoming Poverty, Violence and Failure

1 part (52mins) |
Presented by: Christian Moore

In this session the presenter will talk about the origins of poverty, violence and failure as he experienced them growing up as one of twelve children on the outskirts of Baltimore. He will then address the principles that help people overcome crushing social circumstances every day. His hope-filled message will change how each member of the audience sees themselves and their power to change the lives of youth.

Price: $13.00

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